Here's what current happy customers have to say about the Premier Flyball Box!

A recent Happy Camper

I took the new box to practice this Sunday and without exception all the dogs performed noticeably better.  Between the stable landing pedal, the consistent ball throw and the taller pedal, this box is superior in performance.  My team captain went right home and ordered one for the team...YEAH!

Sandy, "Renobeeno", "MaggieMae" and "Jetzon"
Release the Hounds Flyball Team

A real conversation from the forums

> We are in the market for a new flyball box. I know there are many
> people out there that make them, but I can only find a few links on the
> web. Anyone got any links to good boxes?
> Thanks!
> Marney
> Pawmetto Pack

The reply :

> IMHO, the best flyball box known to man, www.premierflyballbox.com, made
> by Dan Phillips. My team loves our premier box, all our dogs have
> improved since we started using it, and it is unbeatable as far as
> quality of materials and construction. DEFINITELY worth the money.
> Julie
> Fur Fun

Other testimonials

"Just wanted to let you know that several of our club members tried out your box at practice this weekend.  Nearly all the dogs adjusted within a run or two.  One dog on one of our teams went from a 4.5 to a 4.3 (and one 4.25) within one practice session.  Needless to say, that team is going to run on my box only from now on :)  Thanks!  You made lots of Colorado folks very happy!"

- Dana Nichols

"Hi Dan: Thought I would send you this picture of Focus one of our young dogs on your box. You can see that the delivery of the ball is RIGHT ON !! Congratulations."

- Lynda Verna


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